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“Kelly was a guest speaker at a business women’s dinner I attended. Her presentation was very enlightening and motivating. I decided to add two of her recommendations to my daily routine and have felt the difference they make. Dietary and life-style changes happen one step at a time. I look forward to learning more from Kelly!”

Tracy C, Slidell, LA

“I began working with Kelly after I was diagnosed with cancer and was about to begin radiation treatment. I was told during treatment I would feel fatigued, achy and foggy-minded. Since I was already feeling that way BEFORE I started, I knew I better do something to help myself! Kelly was the perfect mix of fun and tough love to get me motivated, remind me why I was doing this, and keep me on track.

Over the past year Kelly has given me the tools to live a healthier life (instead of the crash dieting I was used to). Knowing how to take care of myself has not only helped my body heal, but also given me more energy, mental clarity and I just generally feel better! Although it was not the primary goal, I also lost a considerable amount of weight, and have kept it off!

Thank you Kelly, for teaching me a better way of life.”

Annie R, Slidell, LA

Working with Kelly was my first experience with Functional Medicine and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This form of treatment gets down to the underlying causes of the disease process. I was seeking a solution to my fatigue, a healthy way to slim down, and to better understand what was prohibiting me from feeling my best. Kelly has helped me see why my body was not functioning properly, and has taught me ways to prepare healthy meals and snacks. She didn’t make me feel guilty for not doing my best, but instead helped me focus on the good and move on. I no longer have cravings, and I am losing weight without being on a diet.

Kelly is an excellent listener, knowledgeable, creative and encouraging. She can help anyone who is tired of diets and quick fixes that never work by helping you to understand the uniqueness of your body and what it needs to function at its best.

Pam P, Slidell, LA

I sought the help of Kelly with Pursue Wellness to find ways to prepare nutritious meals for me and my children, and to avoid the chronic illness that is prominent among my relatives. In just a few months I have realized that making healthy choices for my body and life is so much more than the actual food I put in my body. I now sit down to eat meals with my kids and I see the effect of valuing my health by stopping to chew my food and relax.

Kelly honestly cares where her clients are in life. She understands the practical application of nutrition theory and helps us make changes in small, manageable pieces that make them doable. If you don’t know where to start in improving your wellness, Kelly will come alongside you to guide you on the path toward wellness as a reality in life.

Amy L, Slidell, LA

“I generally felt bad all of the time in spite of eating all natural and organic, and exercising several days a week. Every time I went to the doctor I would come home with another prescription. I’ve had hormone testing, thyroid testing, all kinds of other blood tests – but the doctor kept telling me I was “normal.” As I left the doctor’s office crying and feeling helpless, I decided that was enough – I was going to take charge of my health care. Thank God I had Kelly to help me!

Kelly was very thorough in her research and clearly up to date on education as it related to my problems. After just a few months of working together, I was feeling a lot better; and by the end of 6 months, there was no doubt that I was on the road to a healthy life again.

It’s been a year since I started with Kelly and I’m playing tennis 4 days a week and feeling good about my health. I don’t need naps every afternoon and I’m not grumpy, as my daughter said I was. I’ve gone down two sizes in my clothes and I’m very happy. Thank you Kelly and Pursue Wellness!”

Sandy K, Niceville, FL

“I enlisted Kelly’s help to determine whether my recurring migraines were food-related and to improve my health. As we worked together, I learned to incorporate healthy choices into my lifestyle rather than just viewing them as part of a “diet.” Kelly is energetic and encouraging, sharing recipes and introducing me to foods I had never heard of but now enjoy eating. I can happily report that I have been migraine free for several weeks! I would recommend Kelly’s coaching to anyone seeking to improve their overall quality of life.”

Teri C, Slidell, LA

“When I contacted Pursue Wellness I wanted to learn about healthy eating, lose weight in a healthy way, and gain motivation to continue the journey. Kelly guided through me a cleanse program that introduced me to new foods, showed me just how bad the sugar and carb-focused foods made me feel and how much energy I could have when eating right. Not only did she help me change my eating habits but she taught me healthy body care and to care for me as a person. Kelly was amazing – very educated and understanding, and always a phone call or text away – she is definitely where your journey should begin.”

Sparkle J, Slidell, LA

“I contacted Kelly with a primary goal of losing weight, yet gained even more from our sessions. She listens to what you say and provides constructive solutions. I would describe Kelly as an angel who entered my life, kicked my butt psychologically (no violence), and has given me better insight into myself and my eating habits to bring out the “well” me. I now have more energy, more confidence to move on with my life, and have lost 25 pounds!”

Ann G, Slidell, LA

“I began working with Kelly to better understand my digestion post-surgery and to learn how to gain energy through food. As I worked with Kelly I learned that “editing” food is a better alternative than “dieting” and that there is a “psychology” to snacking and comfort food choices. After our time together, I would describe Kelly as a great listener who is in tune with each individual’s needs, and who answers questions with knowledge and empathy. I would recommend working with Kelly to anyone on their personal journey to have a healthier lifestyle.”

Paulette E, Picayune, MS

“I met with Kelly this week for her Grocery Store Tour. Basically she will go with you to the grocery store and give you a personal tour to explain what items you should and should not be buying. I feel that Kelly did an amazing job explaining what is a very complicated subject, in a way that engaged me and on a level that I could understand. She has an impressive amount of knowledge regarding health and nutrition, but never sounds “preachy” about it. I’ve struggled with excessive weight my whole life, and it is only in the past few years that I’ve been able to sustain true weight loss. Kelly has helped me to understand more clearly WHY the things I’ve been doing have worked, and given me great suggestions for things I can be doing to continue having success in the future. I highly recommend Kelly for her knowledge, patient teaching style and friendly outgoing attitude.”

Mike B, Slidell, LA

“Working with Kelly has taught me control and awareness. She educated me on easy ways to make healthier decisions, control my portions and balance my foods. I have seen great improvements in my digestion since working with Kelly and I feel so much better about myself. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a passion for what she does.”

Maycie M, Chalmette, LA

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